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  • announce — [ə nouns′] vt. announced, announcing [ME announcen < OFr anoncier < L annuntiare, to make known < ad , to + nuntiare, to report < nuntius, messenger: see NUNCIO] 1. to declare publicly; give notice of formally; proclaim 2. to say or… …   English World dictionary

  • announce — verb ADVERB ▪ formally, officially, publicly ▪ happily, proudly, triumphantly ▪ The company proudly announced the launch of its new range of cars. ▪ …   Collocations dictionary

  • announce — [[t]əna͟ʊns[/t]] ♦ announces, announcing, announced 1) VERB If you announce something, you tell people about it publicly or officially. [V that] He will announce tonight that he is resigning from office... [V n] She was planning to announce her… …   English dictionary

  • announce — verb 1) their financial results were announced Syn: make public, make known, report, declare, divulge, state, give out, notify, publicize, broadcast, publish, advertise, circulate, proclaim, blazon 2) …   Thesaurus of popular words

  • announce — 01. The government has [announced] that taxes will rise by two percent next year. 02. The winner will be [announced] at the end of the evening. 03. Could everyone please be quiet for a sec, I d like to make an [announcement] regarding the test… …   Grammatical examples in English

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  • Knock-and-announce — Knock and announce, in United States law of criminal procedure, is an ancient common law principle, incorporated into the Fourth Amendment,[1] which often requires law enforcement officers to announce their presence and provide residents with an… …   Wikipedia

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